Our mutual objective is to sell your home at the highest possible price & most favorable terms, with the least inconvenience to you as the Seller. To do this we will be working as a TEAM. Communication and cooperation ensures a successful sale. Team Ropp Quinn prides themselves on working together with all parties during a Real Estate transaction to ensure a smooth “meeting of the minds”. Our networks reach far and wide, and we are proud to work with skilled local vendors in all industries. We are happy to connect you with our preferred contractors and service providers; before, during, AND after the sale of your home. This is a relationship business and we believe that happy clients equals happy Realtors! Consider us your local resource for referrals from painters and movers to accountants and financial planners. We are here to help with all your needs in any way that we can.

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We understand the market. We study the trends. We know the neighborhoods. We’ve been inside the recent sales and know their condition at sale. Zillow is not accurate, and they admit it. The County assessor isn’t always current. Let us show you what has sold that is comparable to your home, what your current market competition would be, and help you arrive at a likely selling price. Let us be your local trusted real estate advisor.

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